Welcome to our IGV IZOLATER company website

IGV IZOLATER d.o.o. a private company, founded
in 1992, with settlement in Tuzla, BiH. Thanks to experience and professionalism, we can offer you
high quality work performance services on constructions and industrial objects and installations from the
segments: thermal insulation, hydro insulation and refractory works.

We are qualified for fast and quality performance
of the above mentioned work for repair of thermo-energetic instalation (boiler installation for thermoelectrane, chamber, rotational, sledge, electro, plaster and tunnel ovens,
heating plant, refrigerator trucks and rafineries).

Our working licence number is 4281/2010 from the following segments: thermo-insulating, hydro-insulating and refructory works on thermoenergetic facilities and buildings.