The activities and services that we can offer
you are:

- Thermo-insulating work in industrial facilities, electric power plants, heating plant, refrigerators, rafineries, ship building for isolation of trunks, pipelines, reservoir and other thermo tehnical facilities.

We repair the above mentioned thermal insulations.

- Refractory works, thermo-insulating and acid-resistance works for sectors: Thermo-energetics, industry for building material, chemistry and petrochemicals. Build, preserving and repairs, reconstruction of furnaces and other thermal-energetic sectors.

- Hydro-insulating work on industrial, structural buildings, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, underground reservoirs and canisters.

We are ready to offer you all services mentioned above, with our or your building materials, by the rehabilitation of damaged: refractory works, thermo-insulating and hydro-insulating plant armatures and buildings, as well as the production of the new ones.